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Spare Parts - a collection of six short stories by Stuart Young


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Spare Parts - a collection of six horror stories from British Fantasy Award Winning author Stuart Young.

Six tales of love and death. Emotions and desires running wild, overwhelming the lives of all they touch. Happiness drifts, forever out of reach, taunting these poor unfortunates, but still they keep grasping. One day they will attain the contentment they seek. Or die trying.

Featuring an Introduction by Tim Lebbon. Cover art by Bob Covington and story illustrations by David Bezzina.

“Young serves up six stories on the theme of love and loss, and the quiet desperation of ordinary lives suddenly transformed by accidental magic.” – Simon Morden

“Stuart Young not only writes stories, he gives them life.” – Tim Lebbon

“Young’s writing is never less than rewarding, while at his best he is thought provoking and capable of genuinely moving the reader.” – Peter Tennant

“Stuart Young writes like Roald Dahl with a freshly sharpened butcher knife, effortlessly cutting straight to the heart.” – Mark McLaughlin

“A bitter-sweet collection which will bring both tears of sadness and cries of horror.” – Gary Greenwood

“Stuart Young excels in his portrayal of emotional pain.” – Matt Cardin

Approximately 31,500 words.

eBook only.

Amazon ASIN: B009GVMRQ4.

Smashwords ISBN: 978-1-3014-9109-4.