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Soul Screams by Sara Jayne Townsend



Welcome to the Hellforge - Matthew Fryer, 12th June 2012


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Soul Screams - a collection of thirteen horror stories by horror and crime novelist Sara Jayne Townsend.

These stories are angsty, dealing with negative emotions and darkness of the soul.

These stories are about that inner scream that no one can hear but you. 

These stories will haunt you.

"Townsend writes accomplished, powerful stories of mystery and fear, with places and themes we all recognise, and delicious twists in the tail." - Tim Lebbon, author of Echo City

“The powerful title perfectly suggests what’s in the tin. Those domains beyond our earthly existence, and deep complexities of the human mind. In this collection, the crimes of which we are all capable, aren’t merely depicted as whodunnits, but whydunnits. I feel a complete empathy with what she has achieved – a balanced yet ultimately disturbing and thought-provoking read.” – Sally Spedding, author of Malediction and Cold Remains

"The stories of Sara Jayne Townsend are crafty, heartfelt and chilling, shot through with a dark streak of gallows humour. In this wide-ranging collection you will find haunting tales of infidelity, obsession, domestic violence and desire, often sprinkled by strong touches of the supernatural. Townsend dissects modern relationships with a dry eye and a straight razor. There is aching poignancy within these pages, along with unnerving images which will worm their way inside your mind and linger there long after the final words have passed. A definite talent and a name to watch." - Gavin Williams, author of Hush and Driver: Nemesis (writing as Alex Sharp).

"I enjoyed Soul Screams. Sara Jayne Townsend creates real characters, both male and female, and the promised angst is convincing and delivered in droves. There’s madness in the form of desire, betrayal, obsession and loss, but also elements of warmth and a sharp sense of humour that prevent everything from sinking into bleak." - Matthew Fryer, Welcome to the Hellforge.

A neatly packaged book with a couple of succinct introductions and pleasant author story notes.

Featuring a Foreword by Mystery and Crime novelist Sally Spedding.

Sara Jayne Townsend talks to Edin Road Radio about Soul Screams and reads the short story "Just Don't Scream" from the collection. Listen to the interview.

Sara Jayne Townsend talks to Nerine Dorman about Soul Screams. Read the interview.

Soul Screams is available in print, with eBook versions on Amazon (for the Kindle) and Smashwords (for other eReaders).

Word count: 42,170 (approximately).

Print edition ISBN: 978-0-9530016-2-0. Paperback, perfect bound, 126 pages, 15.24 cms by 22.86 cms (6" by 9"), 0.24 kg.

Amazon ASIN: B0086VW05S.

Smashwords ISBN: 978-1-4763-8102-2.